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Shenzhen New Lake Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R&D, production and sales of intelligent bait boats. Located in Shenzhen, a city known for its vigor of innovation, our company has regarded production of more intelligent fishing tools as its own mission. So far, we have developed different types of remote-control bait boats, which can meet different demands of fishing enthusiasts. After gaining a solid foothold in Shenzhen, we have spread our business throughout China and the world at large. To ensure our business success, we have built our own R&D team,Can provide OEM and ODM services.

    “Sailvvay” Remote-Control Bait Boat, one of our products, has been leading in the current market in terms of its functional configurations. Users can use it for automatic navigation, automatic driving, remote-control bating, 24 position information storage, automatic return, fixed point operation, sonar fish finding, remote-control bait casting, etc. In the future, our high-end products will be developed with more functions, including atmospheric pressure display, underwater photographing, intelligent barrier avoidance, and terminal interconnecting. Our operation guideline is to “build more intelligent bait boats”. In the foreseeable future, our remote-control bait boats will strive to become a leader in China’s remote-control bait boat industry with perfect modernized functions, superior materials, scientific and reasonable product structural design, diverse exterior demonstrations and price competitiveness.



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