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S series intelligent remote control bait boat - highly integrated highly intelligent bait boat

S series intelligent remote-controlled bait boat is the most integrated and intelligent remote-controlled bait boat in the market,“Sailvvy” Intelligent Bait Boat S Series is equipped with the electronic compass, GPS satellite positioning system, sonar fish finder, and fully-digital dual-direction wireless communication system. All these high-tech devices can effectively prevent the boat from driving off-course, and get a clearer picture of the river bed landform, water depth, water temperature and fishing situations of the fishing spot. The departing position and the destination can be set using the GPS. Repeated correct and automatic navigation of the boat between the departing position and multiple destinations can be realized. Additionally, the linear driving distance and the actual driving hours of the boat can be accurately calculated. When the signals received are week, the boat will shift its direction and return to the area with signals. 

The remote controller of the intelligent remote-control bait boat has a novel design. The large-screen colorful high-illuminance LCD allows users to learn the boat signals, battery capacity, fishing situations and various driving statuses. All this information is displayed using icons, numbers and characters. Meanwhile, we have a sound alarm system. When the signals received are weakened or when the battery voltage of the boat or the remote controller is nearly used up, it will give an immediate sound alarm for the users’ convenience of controlling the boat.


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